The situation in the most affected Regions in Switzerland (spring 2020)

Critically ill COVID-19 patients in South Switzerland
Samuele Ceruti, Cure intense, Ospedale Luganese Moncucco, Lugano

Pre-hospital organization during COVID-19 crisis in Ticino
Alessandro Motti, Direttore medico, Croce Verde, Lugano

The impact of prehospital emergency physicians on the management of limited ressources during the COVID-19 peak in Geneva
Robert Larribau, Service des urgences, Hôpital Universitaires, Genève

Oral presentations of best abstracts

Impact of a telephone triage service for non-vital emergencies in Switzerland: a cross sectional study
Chloé Thierrin et al, Lausanne

Keep the Link: lessons learnt from confine tre, a full scale mass casualty exercise crossing borders
Regard S, Vernudachi D, Guiche F, Gartner B, Forel A, Genève


Non-specific complaints: A dangerous underrated entity?
Birrenbach T, Huser A, Exadaktylos AK, Hautz WE, Sauter TC, Müller M, Bern

Minimal Data Set-Hospitals (MiND-H): Establishing a data inventory for Emergency Departments (EDs) in Switzerland
Eis D, Genewein EM, Christ M., Reisman M, Fadini D, Carron PN, Sieber R, Frasnelli A, Zuercher M

Predicting return to the pediatric emergency department within 3 days: a systematic review
Spiegel R, Tübingen